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Diablo III: Book of Tyrael (2016)
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Diablo III: Book of Tyrael (2016)

A great companion piece to the game and Book of Cain that fans and lore junkies will sing praises about.

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Diablo III is one of my all time favorite games that I still play here and there despite beating it numerous times. It’s like an old friend you can always come back to and find something new and enjoyable from it thanks to new patches and content, and to just how huge it is. So when I learned that there were books being made that follow up on the already epic story and lore of the series, I just had to check them out. Insight Editions along with Matt Burns bring us one of the books in Diablo III: Book of Tyrael that gives readers an inside look into the famed angel Tyrael and his view on the world of Sanctuary and the many things that fill it in a book fans will love and newcomers will want to get pulled into.

With this being the recently released softcover edition, author Matt Burns does a great job placing us in the mind of Tyrael and his view on the many happenings in the Diablo universe. From creating the Horadrim hundreds of years ago, to falling from Heaven in order to save mankind from destruction, this book gives a nice, detailed account on his life and many of the others from the game series. Of course there’s plenty of drawings, sketches, and beautiful illustrations filled throughout the book alongside all of this wondrous info that’s sure to pull readers in and keep them there until the last page is turned.

As with the Book of Cain, I really enjoyed reading through this one as I’ve always been fascinated with the lore of this game series as with most of Blizzard’s titles. From learning more about the Leoric family, to more about New and Old Tristram, Prince Albrecht, Archbishop Lazarus, Queen Asylla, Leah, Adria and more, it was hard to put down once I started reading through its 148 pages. The artwork is also well done and drawn in a way that really looked like it was sketched in or drawn by people in the old days, much like in the Book of Cain as well.

Anyone who enjoyed the Book of Cain and especially the game franchise will want to give Diablo III: Book of Tyrael a read, as it’s one of the best lore/art books out there. Fans are sure to have looted this book’s hardcover sibling that was released a few years ago, but if they haven’t or if you’re just someone who enjoys the lore of fantasy video games, you’ll want to take a dive into this angelic pool of knowledge as soon as you can.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell