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Croquette & Empanada: A Love Story (2019)
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Croquette & Empanada: A Love Story (2019)

A delicious serving of slice-of-life adventures between two irresistible friend food friends.

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Slice-of-life stories offer a snapshot of people’s lives and the big (and small) adventures they experience in everyday life. Croquette & Empanada: A Love Story is one such tale, only with one irresistible baking twist. Spanish cartoonist Ana Oncina serves up a series of adorable comic panels where it’s less about the destination, but the journey it takes to get to just the right place. Besides, what’s not to love about fried food, am I right?

Croquette and Empanada doesn’t follow a straightforward narrative – these are comic panels, remember – but are loosely connected events of shared moments between fried foods and the simple joys life has to offer. These two adorable doughy appetizers have found true love with each other – but with one big, familiar caveat: one is incredibly clean, the other a total slob. It’s the classic Odd Couple mix-match, only a sweeter pairing there’s never been.

And that’s really the crux of this croquette; sweet moments of sharing their lives and adventures they embark on together. My favorite sequence is when they travel to Berlin to visit a panda and experience countless issues getting to the zoo. They’re faced with searching for lodgings and find a hotel that will only take them for one night, only to discover the next morning while heading to the zoo their beloved panda had passed away. What follows is a rather disheartening (but hilarious) search to find a place to stay followed by an unfortunate run-in with a rude Greek Yogurt? Sound weird? Good, because it is, and it’s brilliant.

This and several others are but some of the situations these two get themselves into time and again. From not having the best seats for a concert to one of them having to dress in a hazard suit when going to feed the cat, every moment in Croquette & Empanada is filled with heart. While there are countless little slice-of-life stories out there to “ooh” and “ahh” over, though NONE quite compare to the deliciousness of this delicate duo. Grab a copy and dig right in!

About the Author: Nia Bothwell