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Birding Is My Favorite Video Game (2018)
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Birding Is My Favorite Video Game (2018)

A cute collection of webcomics that any reader will find both funny and educational.

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I knew as soon as I saw the front cover and some sample pages of Rosemary Mosco’s Birding Is My Favorite Video Game: Cartoons about the Natural World from Bird and Moon, I knew I had to give it a look. The simple and cute artwork drew me to it along with the fact these comics are as funny as they are educational, while also being accessible to anyone at any age to enjoy.

Science writer and artist Rosemary Mosco shares some of her funny and informative webcomic series Bird and Moon in this 100+ page book that’s full of all sorts of fun facts on various wildlife that’s made even more interesting by mixing these facts with humor. Whether it’s various lizards and birds who list their facts in a dating profile for all to see, to some animals trying to describe their mating habits in a silly way, you’re sure to find yourself chuckling or flat-out laughing out loud as you go through the pages.

While I enjoyed it for the most part, I’ll be honest and say Mosco’s humor won’t be for everyone. There are times where even the most seasoned humorist will be left scratching their heads at a few of the gags as some of the humor seems to miss its intended mark (some tend to go on longer than they should, some are over explained, etc.). I also wished the book was a tad bigger as it can be hard to hold if you have big hands like I do, as well as being hard to read with small text and sometimes awkward placement of said tiny text. Even with these gripes, I still found myself enjoying the book, especially when I managed to pick up on Mosco’s rhythm as I went on through the book.

Those looking for a fun, educational, and oftentimes funny read will want to take a walk on the wild side with Birding Is My Favorite Video Game: Cartoons about the Natural World from Bird and Moon. Like any good book, it has some minor annoyances to be sure, and it won’t be for everyone, but if you give the humor and cute art style a chance, it will soon win you over to the awesome “video game” that is birding.

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