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The Art of Mafia III (2016)
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The Art of Mafia III (2016)

A decent companion piece to 2K’s controversial game that should please fans and art lovers.

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If you take a look through some of our books reviews, you’ll notice we have a nice relationship with publisher Insight Editions in covering quite a bit of their amazing art books for games and movies. One of the latest ones to come out way is The Art of Mafia III, a well made, 160-page hardcover deluxe art book that showcases wonderfully created artwork that comes straight from game developer Hangar 13. Anyone who enjoyed the game or digs nice looking, well crafted art books will want to take a stroll through its pages and pick up a copy for their collection.

After starting things off with a wonderful foreword by Mafia III art director Dave Smith, readers are taken through chapters of detailed artwork, character galleries, alternate game covers and more that showcase just how much Hangar 13 put into creating the 1960’s setting of Mafia III in New Bourdeaux, New Orleans. Some of the images are accompanied by notes from various artists that worked on them who will go into some of the details on how a particular piece came to be, what inspired them to make it and so on.

It would’ve been nice to have had an author write a running commentary throughout the book, or even conduct interviews with the crew and such as most Insight Editions books do, but the beautiful artwork is enough to keep your attention until you reach the last page. Speaking of pages, they’re made exceptionally well as every image shows up nicely on thick, fine crafted paper that’s encased in a very solid hardcover you’ll want to show off to anyone you know.

What it lacks in commentary and interviews with the artist and crew behind the game, The Art of Mafia III more than makes up for it with its beautifully drawn illustrations featuring locations, characters, and more. If you’re a fan of the game or nicely made art books that focus on the images more so than words, you’ll want to head to your local bookstore and let this book make you an offer you can’t refuse.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell