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SoulCalibur VI: Transcending History, Souls and Swords

SoulCalibur VI: Transcending History, Souls and Swords

Cory and Herman cross souls, swords and history about Namco Bandai’s latest arcade-style fighter.

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It has been a long time coming with the release of SoulCalibur VI after half a decade, and apparently the soul still vigorously burns for the acclaimed series. Our review was positive as a whole, although Bandai Namco doesn’t break the mold, they certainly stick to their strengths and took things like gameplay and content back to basics. It’s a fun and solid arcade-style weapon brawler that anybody can jump into.

To celebrate its return – weathered warriors Herman Exum and Cory Galliher return to hollowed battlegrounds and discuss this latest entry. From the great, not-so-great, and everything else related to the eternal story of the cursed sword. Is This title worthy of fighting gamers attention (FGC) or eSports in general? More importantly, how much better is this game to forgive and forget the blunders of the previous installment?

Join us in another episode of the Popzara podcast as we return to the stage of history, it will definitely be a tale of legends.