Popzara Podcast Peter van Agtmael Talks Buzzing at the Sill, Photojournalism

Nathan talks with photojournalist Peter van Agtmael about his latest collection of striking photos, Buzzing at the Sill.

April 5, 2017

In this picturesque episode of the Popzara Podcast our own amateur shutterbug Nathan Evans talks with acclaimed photojournalist Peter van Agtmael about his new book, Buzzing at the Sill, a collection of striking images capturing the medley of middle America at its most vulnerable.

The two discuss many of the astonishing images showcased in the new book, which is a sequel to his previous collection, Disco Night 9-11, which documented via photos and personal recollections the lives of military veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan and their families. Also included is a frank discussion about the country’s growing cultural divide (and how it’s not just a coastal thing), the election of Donald Trump, exploitation of the medium, and how the future of photojournalism may be bright indeed.

For more info about¬†Peter van Agtmael’s Buzzing at the Sill, including high-quality samples and where to buy a copy, check out Peter’s official website right HERE!