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Popzara Podcast NPD February 2017 Sales Numbers and Analysis

Popzara Podcast NPD February 2017 Sales Numbers and Analysis

February 2017 was yet another heart-breaker for the gaming industry with total sales down a sad 21 percent from last year.

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The month of love typically brings flowers and chocolates, but for a gaming industry anxious for a break away from continued sales losses, there’s little to fall head over heels with. The monthly estimates from the NPD Group – still the best snapshot of what’s going on at retail shelves and digital stores across the country – has their glimpse of what made February 2017 a real heart-breaker.

Our own cherubs Cory Galliher and Nathan Evans open their hearts to talk, analyze, and commiserate the numbers for your listening pleasure.

Total sales of new gaming hardware, software, and accessories ringed up $724 million at retail and digital sales across the country. But don’t celebrate just yet: that’s down a startling 21 percent over last year’s healthier $918.7 million. That’s not exactly a hat-trick worth celebrating…

Combined new hardware sales for the month were $204 million, down a steep 30 percent from last year’s $292.2 million. On the software front, sales of new games – led by Ubisoft’s hack-tastic For Honor – couldn’t stop the flow as console sales slid 14 percent YOY ($344.2 million from $402 million) while PC game sales were down 26 percent YOY ($25 million from $33.6 million).

Sales of new gaming accessories, which include controllers, headsets, and other fun collectable goodness, also slid 21 percent from last year ($150.8 million from $191 million).

Sony’s PlayStation 4 remained the best-selling console yet again, buoyed by the Nathan Drake-starring PS4 Slim Uncharted 4 Bundle. There’s been nary a word on the company’s beefier PS4 Pro update, though Microsoft’s own 4K-powered console revision, Xbox One S, helped power the Halo Box to second place.

While numbers are scared, NPD also reports that sales of Nintendo’s 3DS, its sole contribution to the list (at least, until next month’s Switch debut) saw its sales up a staggering 77 percent over last month. As we’ve come to expect, never underestimate the power of Pokémon.

Top Ten Software: Slash Away!

01. For Honor
02. Resident Evil 7: biohazard
03. Grand Theft Auto V
04. NBA 2K17
05. Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare
06. Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege
07. Madden NFL 17
08. Battlefield 1
09. Nioh
10. Overwatch