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Popzara Podcast Halloween 2017: The Year’s Spookiest Games Round Up

Popzara Podcast Halloween 2017: The Year’s Spookiest Games Round Up

The Popzara team stroll down memory lane and talk the year’s spookiest games.

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On this ghoulish episode of the Popzara Podcast a coven of your favorite Popzara Pals unites to talk their favorite spooky games of the year. The ghastly group includes Cory “Grotesque” Galliher, Nia “Brains!” Bothwell, Chris “Wolf Man” Mitchell, and Nathan “Evil” Evans share their thoughts on what made 2017 a banner year for scary games. A real Thriller, you might say!

What unlucky candidates make the final cut? There’s plenty of thrills and chills as favorites include Capcom’s Resident Evil 7 biohazard, Bethesda’s The Evil Within 2, Iceberg Interactive’s Conarium, Frictional’s Soma, and many more. Can any of this year’s biggest hits unseat last year’s surprising blockbuster reboot of DOOM? Is there anything scarier than horrible, atrocious voice-acting? Look for fun peaks at upcoming chillers like Yomawari: Midnight Shadows, “Nazi Killen” with Wolfenstein II, as well as walk down memory lane as the team remember classic favorites Castlevania, Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Eternal Darkness, and more.

There’s something for everyone in this grab bag of candy-coated fun of devilish delights to really sink their fangs in. Bad puns aside – Happy Halloween!