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Fortnite: Patience Pays and Loot Llamas

Fortnite: Patience Pays and Loot Llamas

Cory and Nia talk Epic Games’ crafty, genre-blending zombie survival blaster Fortnite.

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In this gridtastic episode of the Popzara Podcast our own crafty editors Cory Galliher and Nia Bothwell take on Epic Games’ genre-blending building-shooter Fortnight! That’s the one where a colorful cast of survivors craft, shoot, and attempt to survive waves of zombie attacks in even cuter, more colorful ways. What’s not to love? While the game is currently available in Early Access, though interested fans should be able to partake in free-to-play action soon. But why wait – we’ve got the goods now!

So what of the game from the studio behind Unreal and Gears of War? Is it mightier than Minecraft? More involving than ARK: Survival Evolved? If you’re not quite over Overwatch and want something with a little more bite, it sounds like Fortnite won’t leave you Left4Dead. Puns aside, Cory and Nia talk the game’s unique approach to the survival-crafting genre, Epic Games style, and whether everyone will have the patience to unearth its finer treasures.

So fire up your podcast player and take a listen as these questions and more are addressed in one tidy little package, totally streamlined for your busy lives; plus, it’s free forever!