Popzara Podcast Elizabeth Silvas Talks Surviving Cancer, Sonic Love

A brain cancer survivor shares her story of recovery – and thriving – with a little help from a famous hedgehog.

July 12, 2017

It isn’t often we feature actual, bona fide heroes here on the Popzara Podcast, but that’s exactly what you’ll find as Nathan Evans and Nia Bothwell are joined by cancer survivor, cosplayer, podcaster, and quite possibly the world’s biggest fan of speedy blue hedgehogs, Elizabeth Silvas!

With openness and honesty Elizabeth, aka Lizzie Hedgehog, recounts a harrowing tale of surviving brain tumor surgery, her painful recovery process (made even more painful by cruel classmates), and how a chance discovery of Sega’s spiky mascot changed her life in ways she’d never imagined.

As Lizzy’s story went viral she gained the attention of not just fans and supporters across the globe, but that of Sega and Archie Comics, who went above and beyond with a special comic tribute to that special bond between girl and hedgehog. Want to see it? Of course you do – it’s right below!

Listen as Lizzie also shares her love – and growing collection – of retro gaming consoles, the perfect cosplay outfit, how she came to host the RetroReload Podcast, and much more. We loved her so much we even donated to her upcoming Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation Starry Night 5K run for charity — you should, too. Sonic Boom!