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Popzara Podcast E6.07 Guilty Gear Xrd Sign Roundtable

Popzara Podcast E6.07 Guilty Gear Xrd Sign Roundtable

Cory and Herman ignite the battle for Arc System Works’ latest funny-named arcade brawler, Guilty Gear Xrd Sign.

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The once-proud American Arcade Scene is fast fading into the sunset, and with it that magical experience of being able to pummel your opponent into submission – in person. While it’s not a perfect substitute, modern gaming consoles have done their best to bring the experience home, and few developers know this better than Arc System Works, the detail-obsessed developers who celebrate their 25th Anniversary with a bang – a really big bang.

Guilty Gear Xrd -Sign-, the latest in their crazy, no-holds-barred anime brawler, finds a new home on PlayStation consoles across the world (but mostly the US and Japan) and we’ve enlisted two wizened arcade warriors to talk shop. Cory “Badguy” Galliher and Herman “Kiske” Exum go equally crazy about Arc System Works’ latest as only they can. Marvel as they discuss in-game currency! Thrill as they wish they could play online! Plan to buy the game yourself, because seriously it’s pretty good, you should probably just go ahead and do it. Let’s listen in now…

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