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Popzara Podcast E3 2017: The Best, Worst, and Everything Else

The Popzara crew gather to talk the best, worst, and everything else that went down at E3 2017.

The world’s biggest gaming extravaganza has come and gone, but the memories will last forever. To help ingrain them a little deeper, a happy handful of your Popzara Pals have gathered to bring you the best, worst, and everything else that went down during E3 2017.

Join Cory Galliher, Herman Exum, Nathan Evans, and – making her chatty E3 debut – Nia Bothwell as they take everything this year’s show in LA had to offer. With insightful examinations of the Big Three gaming conferences from Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo to each editor’s top (and bottom) gaming picks, nothing is off limits as the group gabs from the comfort of home. Did we mention the games, games, and games?

Will Microsoft’s powerful Xbox One X console be worth your attention? Can Sony’s God of War live up to those lofty expectations? Is it possible to get that catchy theme from Nintendo’s Super Mario Odyssey out of your head (note: nope)? It’s just like being there; just without the expense, hassle, and the stench. Listen now and thank us later!