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Popzara Podcast E.91 Jared Stone Talks Year of the Cow

Popzara Podcast E.91 Jared Stone Talks Year of the Cow

Nathan talks with beef-loving author Jared Stone about healthy eating and his new book, Year of the Cow.

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Our guest on this deliciously delectable edition of the Popzara Podcast is Jared Stone, Emmy-winning television producer and author of the new book Year of The Cow: How 420 Pounds of Beef Built A Better Life For One American Family. It’s the saga of how one man packed a quarter-ton of red-black Angus steer into his Prius and then into his home freezer, spending a year cooking his way through the frozen carcass, bringing his very understanding wife and son along for the ride.

Our own master chef Nathan Evans talks with Jared about what it’s like living with a frozen steer, buying ecologically sensible food, understanding how the meat industry operates, and how much better life could be if we all ate responsibly. And, as a special treat for those clustered in the Midwest, Rock Chalk, Jayhawk. Yeah, we said it.

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