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Popzara Podcast E.133 Batman v Superman: Yawn of Justice

Popzara Podcast E.133 Batman v Superman: Yawn of Justice

Grayson and Carlos unite to talk Batman, Superman, and the future of the Justice League movie universe.

It’s a battle for the ages as the Last Son of Krypton and The Dark Knight of Gotham go head-to-head on the big-screen for the first time. Or as Lex Luthor might put it, God versus Man. Translation: it’s Superman and Batman, phrased in the parlance of better box-office: Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.

In this triumphant episode of the Popzara Podcast our own superheroes Grayson Hamilton and Carlos Menjivar dish on Zack Snyder’s darker take on Warner Bros’ and DC Comics’ epic superhero clash. Who wins? As it turns out, no one really. Listen in as our heroes discuss many of the film’s biggest problems, box-office potential, the future of The Justice League, and much more. Secret identities are revealed so tune in at your own risk!

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