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Cuphead: Beautiful and Brutal

Cuphead: Beautiful and Brutal

Herman, Cory, and Nate talk about one of the best – and best-looking – action-platformers in recent times.

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On this playfully punishing episode of the Popzara Podcast our nostalgia nerds Herman Exum, Cory Galliher, and Nathan Evans gather to talk all about StudioMDHR Entertainment’s Cuphead, the long-gestating game that’s beautiful, brutal, and bursting with creativity.

This Xbox/Windows exclusive blends the 1930s classic cartoon style of Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse, pattern-learning twitch play of Mega Man, and boss-centric battles of Alien Soldier into something familiar, yet uniquely wonderful. It’s an experience that will be instantly familiar to those steeped in the world of difficult 16-bit action-platformers like Contra: Hard Corps, The Adventures of Batman & Robin, and many other controller-throwing classics. You’ll die. A lot. And have a great time doing it.

The guys discuss the game’s hand-drawn visuals, refined gameplay, and complete indifference to your feelings. Also touched on is the excruciating (and quite hilarious) tutorial fail of our gaming journalist friend Dean Takahashi, and a digression about Microsoft’s upcoming Xbox One X super-console, and whether the Windows company’s focus on a 4K Future could miss a golden opportunity. Did we mention that Cuphead is incredibly hard? Listen now!