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Yona of the Dawn: Part One (Blu-ray)
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Yona of the Dawn: Part One (Blu-ray)

A strong start to an anime series filled with enough drama and action for all.

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I’m always down for an anime that’s filled with both drama and action, but doesn’t mind having a smidge of comedy thrown in here and there. That’s exactly what I got when I sat down and checked out Yona of the Dawn: Part One. The twelve episodes featured on two discs slice and dice their way to make a strong start for this series.

Taking place in what looks to be hundreds of years ago in Asia, Princess Yona lives a pampered and sheltered life as the heir to the kingdom of Kouka. When she turns sixteen though, her childhood love that happens to be her cousin named Su-won decides to murder her her father and take over the kingdom. Hurt and devastated, Yona manages to escape with the help of her trusted bodyguard named Hak. After meeting a new ally named Yun, the three of them search for legendary protectors called the four dragons to help take back the kingdom and restore Yona’s place as ruler. But before they can do that, she’ll have to endure many hardships to shed her pampered ways and become the fierce warrior princess her people need.

I liked how this series shows Yona as not only a sweet and relatable character, but also how strong she is and continues to grow stronger with each episode. It’s cool watching her be stubborn and see it give way while her compassion for others forces her to learn how to fight and survive through dangerous situations. With this being on Blu-ray, watching a high definition release of this just makes things better thanks to sharp, clean visuals and audio, while episode commentaries, promotional videos and TV Spots are among some of the extras to watch after putting your sword away.

Yona of the Dawn: Part One left me wanting to see more of Yona and her slow rise into becoming the strong woman her kingdom needs her to be. I haven’t seen an anime that has captured growth like this in quite some time. If you enjoy shows with plenty of drama, hardships, and some nice action spliced in with comedic elements, this is one you’ll want to check out, despite joining those who are waiting for part two that can’t come soon enough.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell