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Regular Show: The Movie (DVD)
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Regular Show: The Movie (DVD)

One of Cartoon Network’s greatest shows gets its own awesome movie that’s anything but regular.

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Cartoon Network’s Regular Show is one of my all time favorite TV series, as it focuses on two friends named Mordecai and Rigby and the off-the-wall but awesome adventures they go on. While I’m still waiting for more seasons to be released on Blu-ray after the awesome first set that was released, it’s pretty cool that we get a made-for-video movie in the meantime with the Regular Show: The Movie DVD. It would’ve been nice to have it on Blu-ray, but the movie and cool extras included is more than enough to have fans yelling “WoooOooo!” and just may pull in some newcomers to the show.

In the distant future, a “timenado”, aka a tornado made up of time and space turning in on itself, threatens to destroy the entire universe with the help of the evil Mr.Ross (Jason Mantzoukas). Turns out our heroes and best buds Mordecai (show creator J. G. Quintel) and Rigby (William Salyers) accidentally created it while cheating their way through a science project, thanks to them messing with an experimental time machine made by their high school volleyball coach, Mr.Ross (dun dun dunnnn!). The Rigby from the future travels back to the present day to warn Mordecai and Rigby that they have to go back in time to their high school days and stop the timenado from ever happening. Without spoiling anything, it’s going to take the guys and all their friends to set things right, even if it costs their friendship.

It goes without saying that I loved the Regular Show movie, as it played out like an epic extended episode from the series. The cast and crew did a great job putting everything that makes the show fun in a nice package, with comedy, action, and adventure in all the right places. If I had a gripe with anything, it’s that I wish the movie was a tad longer, as the 60-some minutes of awesome here seems to blow by so fast. Also it would’ve been nice to see this in high definition on Blu-ray, but the DVD does a good job with the audio and visuals all the same.

At least there’s some sweet bonus features included. There’s audio commentary by J.G. and some of the crew as they go into how it was working on the film and some of how it all came together. “Deleted Animatics” and “Movie Animatics” show off some early sketches and storyboards from the movie that also feature some rough voiceover work before the scenes are completed. The “Original Board Pitch” goes into how some of the scenes were made and then pitched to the animation crew where they go over them. I thought these were pretty cool, as it’s neat seeing how your favorite stuff gets made. If that wasn’t enough, there’s also some image galleries that show off some of the pre and post production shots of the movie, the trailer to the film, and more.

It would’ve been nice if the movie was a bit longer and presented on Blu-ray, but I had a blast with the Regular Show: The Movie DVD. Fans of the show have been waiting for this and are sure to get their not-so-regular fun from this film. This DVD also serves as a great entry point into the series, as it showcases everything that makes the show awesome and will have newcomers laughing and cheering in no time.

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