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Initial D Legend 2: Racer
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Initial D Legend 2: Racer

Takumi and company are back at racing once again in this next reboot installment.

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I had a good time watching the short but cool previous Initial D reboot film a few months ago, and I’m glad Sentai Filmworks is keeping the movie series coming with Initial D Legend 2: Racer. This one features even more intense racing and some nice drama thrown in that’s sure to take viewers on a wild ride.

Taking place not too long after the events of the first movie, Takumi Fujiwara is still doing his thing of delivering tofu for his dad’s shop while still being the king of drift racing. After beating the RedSuns racing team, Takumi is now the target of every racer out there who wants to beat him and take his crown, though Takumi could care less as he just wants to go back to the way things were before he took down the RedSuns. Leave it to his buddy Itsuki to accept a challenge on his behalf from Takeshi Nakazato, leader of the awesome racing team known as Myogi NightKids. Now it falls on Takumi to live up to his reputation as the best drift racer against the skills of a more experienced driver that has a four-wheel drive race car on top of that. It’ll be a racing fight to the finish as only Takumi or Takeshi can make it out in one piece at the end of this drive.

Just like the first entry, this one will keep fans of the series and those who enjoy intense racing action glued to their seats while also sweating bullets as the race heats up. I can’t stress enough that I love how these mini-films are made even better as they’re short and to the point with little to no room for senseless moments. I also enjoy the fact they’re in high definition and released on Blu-ray, so the visuals and audio are on point and put you right in the race cars (complete with authentic engine sounds recorded from the real makes/models of the cars). There’s not much in the way of extras outside of a recap of the first movie, a clean closing animation, and of course a preview for the next and final installment, Initial D Legend 3: Dream.

If you’re a fan of the original manga/anime, the first reboot film, or just intense racing action, then picking up the keys to Initial D Legend 2: Racer and taking it for a drive is a no-brainer. Filled with fluid racing and some nice moments of slice-of-life drama sprinkled in, this is one you’ll want to pull into your Blu-ray garage along with the other two entries.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell