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Hey Arnold!: The Ultimate Collection
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Hey Arnold!: The Ultimate Collection

Everyone’s favorite football-headed hero is back in this feature-packed collection of everything Arnold.

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I remember like it was yesterday being in my late teens and watching the awesome show that was Hey Arnold!, as it captured both the good and bad times of growing up with plenty of laughs and touching moments in between. Now you can check out all 100 episodes and the two movies in the Hey Arnold!: The Ultimate Collection box set, which is sure to delight fans and make new ones out of any who watch.

This massive collection is packed with 18 DVDs that feature all 100 episodes from the show’s original five season run, the original films Hey Arnold!: The Movie and last year’s series continuation Hey Arnold!: The Jungle Movie, and plenty of new extras created just for this set. If you’re a fan like me, you can relive classic episodes such as “Mugged” where Arnold learns self-defense from his Grandma after getting mugged, or one of my all-time favorites “Arnold’s Christmas” where Arnold tries to find his neighbor Mr. Hyunh’s daughter that was separated from him during the final days of the Vietnam War. Those are just a few of the cool and deep things the series touches on as you watch.

Then as an added treat, we get the two movies that have Arnold and the gang fighting back against a greedy company trying to tear down their neighborhood, and the other dealing with the infamous mystery of Arnold’s lost parents in the jungle. I would’ve loved to see all of this on Blu-ray, but the DVDs here look and sound pretty good for the format. Maybe one sweet day we’ll get to see this in high definition, but I’m happy with these for now.

There’s also some nice bonus features like the original Hey Arnold! the pilot Claymation Short titled “Arnold Escapes from Church”, there’s “Drawing Arnold” that goes into how the characters are drawn and come to life, “The Jungle Movie: Table Read” is a nice extra featuring the cast reading through the movie script, “Unboxing the Original Jungle Movie Development Art” is another awesome treat that features creator Craig Bartlett and some of the crew reopening an old box containing the original drawings, sketches, and more for the jungle movie when they started on it back in the early 2000’s, but had to wait until a year or so ago to review the materials and start the movie as long last.

If you’re a fan or just want to get a glimpse of Nickelodeon awesomeness from the 90’s, the Hey Arnold!: The Ultimate Collection set is definitely for you. Not only does it contain all of the original episodes and original 2002 movie, but also the more recent Hey Arnold!: The Jungle Movie as well. That’s a lot of content for one collection, and when you factor in all of those amazing extras you’ll probably find yourself loving Arnold just as much as Helga does.

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