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Drunk History: Seasons 1 and 2 (DVD)
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Drunk History: Seasons 1 and 2 (DVD)

Comedy Central has another hit series on their hands that makes learning inebriated history fun.

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I remember when I first learned about Drunk History when I used to watch the Funny or Die series that was shown on HBO. There a random celebrity would get drunk and try to talk about a specific historic event with hilarious results due to slurred speech, passing out while talking, and especially having incorrect facts. What made the skits even more funny is the fact they would have an amazing cast of guest stars reenacting the historical figures and lip sync to the drunken storyteller’s words, such as Will Ferrell as Abraham Lincoln and Don Cheadle as Frederick Douglass. The skits have become so great, they’ve branched off into its own series on Comedy Central, and now the first two seasons are available on DVD in Drunk History: Seasons 1 and 2.

In this two disc set, there’s eighteen episodes for viewers to enjoy, as there’s eight in season one and ten in season two. Here series creator Derek Waters will invite a random comedian or comedic actor to get wasted and then sit (or wobble around drunk) in front of the camera and attempt to talk about a specific event in American history, from wars to sports heroes and such. As with the web series and skits from the Funny or Die show, while the drunk narrates the story, guest stars reenact and lip sync to the narrator to play out what is being said. Adding to the fun is that everything from burps, drunken mumbling and rambling, dogs barking in the background and more is also acted out, making for some pretty hilarious “historic” events.

What makes it even more crazy is that the laughs don’t stop there, as the show uses very cheap special effects in the reenactments, such as a battleship being nothing but a toy in a bathtub. Add all of that while seeing celebrities like Jack Black and even greats such as John Lithgow acting out these ridiculous, drunken tales, and you’ve got a show that’s bound to have people rolling on the floor in laughter.

The only gripe that comes to mind is that I wish the series had been released on Blu-ray as well. But the show looks great here on DVD, as the visuals and crazy audio come through as good as can be expected of the medium. At least the special features add plenty of bonus laughs after you’re done watching the episodes. There’s “Drunk Outtakes: Chris Romano” that lasts nearly eight minutes while giving viewers a hilarious look at some of the more crazy stuff that gets edited out. “Sober Reveal: Jen Kirkman” has Jen sitting down with Derek Waters and viewing her drunken story while sober, making for a funny video commentary of sorts. Rounding out the extras are loads of outtakes and deleted scenes from each episode of season two that are sure to have viewers nearly sick from laughing so hard.

The Drunk History: Seasons 1 and 2 DVD set is hands down one of the most funny hit series I’ve had the pleasure of coming across this year. If you enjoy comedy and you’re looking for something completely different and crazy, then look no further. While it would’ve been nice to have this on Blu-ray, the content and special features quickly make you forget about that and will have you cracking up with some of the most fun in recent history.

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