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Leo’s Fortune (iOS)
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Leo’s Fortune (iOS)

Beauty and substance has rarely come together this well on mobile devices in 1337 & Senri’s Leo’s Fortune.

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Not since Rayman: Jungle Run have I seen such a well crafted, thought out game on mobile devices that features the same kind of power and grace from video game consoles. Most people would think it to be impossible, but that’s exactly what developers 1337 & Senri have done here with their game, Leo’s Fortune, as they prove big things do tend to come in small packages with this wonderful game that plays as beautiful as it looks.

You control Leo, a elderly fuzzball inventor (he reminds me of one of the McDonald’s Fry Guys from the 80’s) that has made a lot of gold during his life. Sadly someone or something has stolen his fortune and he decides to set off and find it on his own, after leaving a note for his wife telling her about his endeavor. The controls are simple to learn but will take a little while to master. Players swipe their left thumb on the left side of the screen to move Leo and collect coins from this fortune along the way, while using their right thumb on the right side up or down to make Leo inflate to make jumps or dive to pound down onto things.

After playing through a nice sized tutorial, you’ll be able to make your way through 24 different levels ranging from forests, to deserts, and even scary looking old industrial-like areas. You’ll have to guide Leo through a lot of physics-based puzzles and classic platforming challenges, which is sometimes more challenging than you think it is. Sometimes the puzzles are easy, such as pushing Leo against a platform to rotate it into a bridge, while other times you’ll have to inflate him under a switch to unlock a door, or figure out that you have to gain enough speed to jump off a cliff and float over some spikes. Most times you’ll enjoy solving these puzzles, though there are a few times where the touchscreen controls make doing some of the reflex intensive puzzles and parts more difficult than it needs to be. Luckily there’s controller support for those who have them, and there’s plenty of checkpoints to fall back on if you don’t quite make it through.

To say the graphics are beautiful is a huge understatement. The wonderfully made, hand drawn artwork combined with the buttery smooth framerate is something to be witnessed first hand. Even the pictures in this review don’t do the game justice, as they can’t capture seeing them on the retina display of later iOS devices. But anyone who has played the mobile Rayman games knows exactly what I’m talking about, and can picture how this looks and moves. The sounds are just as amazing, as the voice acting and music is just as wonderful as the artwork. From Leo’s humorous and charming European accent as he tells you the the story at the beginning, to the phenomenal music score that pulls you in while you play, you’ll want to use headphones while playing to truly capture both the eye and ear candy here.

1337 & Senri have created quite the mobile masterpiece in Leo’s Fortune, as it is without a doubt one of the best games you can play this year, mobile or otherwise. If you’re looking for the next big thing to play or just something fun and different, then look no further than this title. While the touchscreen controls create some issues at certain parts, it’s beautiful graphics, gameplay, and sound for outweigh any negatives. Any who give this game a chance is sure to find a fortune of fun.


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