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#Killallzombies (PS4)
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#Killallzombies (PS4)

A twin-stick shooter that’s been made a million times before, despite its Twitch/Ustream integration.

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Zombie games! There’s hundreds of them! Nobody wants to play them anymore, but they’re easy to crank out and I guess someone’s still paying for them. So here’s #Killallzombies (yeah, with the hashtag), a twin-stick shooter PlayStation 4 shooter with possibly the worst title ever given to anything. You play as a dude in a plaza who shoots zombies. The premise, apparently, is meant to be part of some game show, like a modernized Smash TV, but this never comes up.

It’s a twin-stick shooter with zombies, so who cares, right? If you shoot a whole bunch of zombies you’ll level up and get a perk, most of which act as short-lived power-ups rather than the more permanent boosts you’d expect from that kind of thing. These range from new weapons to enhanced bullets to single-use nukes to risk-and-reward options like boosting damage while reducing movement speed. Hopefully it lets you shoot even more of the undead. There’s a bunch of different weapons to shoot them with. Every so often there’s a boss zombie and you’re going to shoot it too. There can potentially be a whole bunch of zombies for you to shoot, so that’s cool. Shooting zombies works well and it’s fun for a little while, I suppose.

#Killallzombies’ main draw in the face of the many, many games that would compete against it is the Twitch/Ustream integration it offers. While streaming, your viewers are able to cast votes on different aspects of the game, summoning more zombies and so on. This mirrors a feature offered by the PS3 title Dead Nation, yet another zombie game that’s about the same as this one while offering about ten times the content. In any case, I haven’t facecammed nearly enough to be an e-celebrity and I couldn’t actually find anyone who wanted to watch a game called #Killallzombies, so I can’t report about how engaging it is or is not. I don’t think I’d put much stock in it.

That’s about it, really. Um…the graphics are nice, I guess? The battlefield is made of hexes that shift around while you fight, so that’s pretty neat. In the end, though, it’s just a standard twin-stick shooter with zombies. More game modes, including co-op, are promised, but right now they aren’t in. They might never be in. It’s hard to say. Posts from the devs on the PlayStation blog plaintively beg YouTube streamers to send them requests for unique streamer-specific features, so unless you’ve got a million billion subscribers and your day job consists of going DON’T FORGET TO CLICK THE LIKE BUTTON AND DONATE TO MY PATREON, you’re not really the intended audience for this one. It just doesn’t seem wise to drop fourteen bucks on a game that’s clearly only being made for a select few.

That, and the fact that this game and others like it have been made a million times before, means I just can’t recommend #Killallzombies in good faith. If you want something that’s very much like this but made for people who play games instead of people who stream them, check out Crimsonland instead, which is conveniently also on PS4, conveniently costs about as much and is conveniently one of the best indie games ever created. Convenient enough for ya?

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