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Batman The Enemy Within Episode 3: Fractured Mask
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Batman The Enemy Within Episode 3: Fractured Mask

Secrets are slowly uncovered while Batman finds himself going deep undercover to find the answers behind the villains he’s taken up with.

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I swear it seems like Batman keeps getting himself into enough trouble to keep the Justice League busy for a whole week. The man’s workload is phenomenal: undercover operations, maintaining a relationship with a high stakes thief, and being best friends with Gotham’s infamous John Doe. Who says Batman can’t be a one-man army? I bet he gets more done while napping in the Bat-cave then I do in an entire week!

Batman The Enemy Within Episode 3: Fractured Mask once again sets up expectations while delivering a healthy dose of vitality to keep The Dark Knight recognizable, yet fresh. The events of last episode (The Pact) made it seem like everything that could go wrong did during a raid that left Bats adrift in a sea of confusion. Upon returning to the hideout with his villainous new ‘friends’, it’s revealed there’s a rat in the group giving the authorities information on their activities. Did I mention that bats (the animal, not our hero) aren’t in the rodent family? They’re so unique scientists gave them their own name called “Chiroptera” which mean “hand wing.” The more you know!

The return of Selina Kyle/Catwoman is a welcome relief amongst the chaos as Bruce attempts to solve the even stranger mystery of Riddler’s involvement in the mysterious “Project Lotus”. The two have to act as if they don’t know each other while the emotions from Season 1 are still fresh in both their minds. Last season I chose to end things with Catwoman so we were “just friends” without all those benefits, but in season 2 I decided to let the romance play out between her and Bruce.

Another welcome surprise is the quality time you get to spend with John Doe, since the last two episodes it’s been one major event after another. If, like me, you chose to stick to being his best friend he shares more insight into his psyche and what it’s like outside the walls of Gotham. Sad to say, John’s charm affected me to the point where I’d do anything to ensure he’s happy with the results, even taking a selfie with him as Batman to add to his collage of photos. John also talks about his attraction to Harley and reveals the “inner animal” he feels lurking beneath the surface, wanting to be let loose from its cage.

Fractured Mask does its name justice as the world around Bruce begins to slowly crumble while more and more answers are slipped over with whispered promises of more to come. People are starting to catch on to the billionaire playboy, and Bruce learns he may not be as terrible as his infamous father as he thinks. At this point, I’m just waiting eagerly for the next episode to drop so I can hurry and see what else Telltale’s intriguing Batman series has in store for the future.

About the Author: Nia Bothwell