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E3 2018: Astro Gaming’s A40 TR X-Edition Hands-on
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E3 2018: Astro Gaming’s A40 TR X-Edition Hands-on

Astro Gaming celebrates a decade of improving gaming audio with their new, tougher A40 TR X-Edition headset.

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What would an E3 be without new gaming headsets? Thankfully, our friends over at Astro Gaming had a lineup of new and updated goodies to wrap around our anxious heads, including some much-needed love for Nintendo fans.

The core fanbase anxious to drastically improve upon stock audio is going to be all over Astro’s A40 TR X-Edition, the tenth anniversary release of the company’s classic A40 headset. That’s right: we’re looking at a solid decade of fighting the good fight against mediocre comfort, bass and treble. Chances are you’ve either used or considered using an A40 already – it’s a bit of a staple, and for good reason, since it looks good, sounds great and it’s practically impossible to break.

The representative on site proved this by simply twisting the headset band around in a horrifying way, only for it to spring back into position. Stomach-churning, but I got the point. There’s also a Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild-themed A10 headset for the entry-level Switch buyer; this one’s a bit less feature-rich, but still looks, sounds and feels great. One interesting feature is how Astro solves the need for the Switch to connect with a smartphone app to chat – there’s an included “discrete” splitter to make Nintendo’s cumbersome solution to online chat/gaming slightly less so.

Plus, did I mention it’s one of the first available for Nintendo’s best-selling console? Switch fans can get Astro’s Hyrulian-themed headset when it launches later this year.

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