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Never Trust a Liberal Over 3 – Especially a Republican (2013)
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Never Trust a Liberal Over 3 – Especially a Republican (2013)

Possibly the first Coulter book conservatives can share with their liberal friends; though probably not.

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There are provocateurs…and then there’s Ann Coulter, easily the most successful columnist in conservative circles, diligently working to make Democrats and liberals lives a living hell. But unlike peers such as Michael Savage, Mark Levin and those like-minded talking heads who’ve built their careers hurling archaic revolutionary speech and tired talking points, Coulter remains a polemic entrenched in academia, with every source accounted for and her controversial barbs cloaked in statistics and meticulous research.

She also demonstrates, in her own inimitable style, how “life is a horror when liberals are running things”. Could you have an Ann Coulter book any other way?

It’s her interpretation of said facts that has made her such a firebrand, of course, and that fire still burns bright in her tenth book, a collection of her syndicated columns, Never Trust a Liberal Over 3 – Especially a Republican. I’m tempted to call it “The First Ann Coulter Book Your Liberal Friends Can Enjoy In Public!”, but that’s like expecting veggie burgers at Burger King to convert your vegan friends to the joys of carnivorism. Yes, Republicans, RINOS, and other GOP losers get their chestnuts roasted on Ann’s open flame here, but that doesn’t mean liberals get off easy.

Detailing Republican follies may sound enticing to those looking to join the fun, but most of the book is classic Coulter, one chock-full of her usual go-to rips of Janet Reno, Willie Horton, and, of course, enough Bill Clinton zingers to last a lifetime. You know what you came for, and what you’re getting, though metered out in unusually measured attacks.

Ultimately, Coulter has the 2014 midterm elections on her mind here, culling a decade’s worth of columns – about 90 – with new intros prefacing each chapter showcasing plenty of examples of Republican stupidity and just how easy it is for them to “lose winnable elections”. Beware those charlatans hoping to graft their success on the festering body of a party in turmoil, becoming little more than (in her words) publicity stunts. “You know who twenty-six debates doesn’t help? The Republican Party.”

And the timing couldn’t be better, given the recent government shutdown and CNN happily telling us (in giant “Breaking News!!” headlines, no less) that readers desperately want to throw the Republican bastards out. Because in this age of divisive political pandering polls equal scientific fact, so best ready yourself to hear these ‘facts’ bleated by throngs of political think-tanks, PACs, and other politicos of every stripe and breed.

The bulk of new content is right there in chapter one, “Will This Be on the Midterms”, which has Dr. Coulter diagnosing the GOP’s failed 2012 presidential bid with almost surgical precision. Her prescription if they ever wants to even think about regaining the White House again? For those conservatives, even if they make you feel good, “do not ever, ever consider running a presidential candidate who has not been a senator or preferably a governor. No, not even our beloved Ben Carson.”

A nice bonus is a blistering 2006 interview reprint from the online site Beliefnet.com, timed to promote her then-new book Godless: The Church of Liberalism, which some fans (and naysayers) might’ve missed on the first go-around. But most poignant is “Not Far From the Tree”, which contains heartfelt eulogies for Ann’s parents John Vincent and Nell Husbands Martin Coulter, who passed away just one year apart in 2008 and 2009, respectively. She also shows that she’s every bit the daughter of two diehard Republican parents, both clearly proud of their offspring’s accomplishments and excoriation of liberals, their policies, and anyone who dare get in her way.

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